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Pediatric Chiropractic in Willmar

Dr. Katie and toddlerOur goal is to help children grow and develop as they were designed to. In today’s world, under excessive stress and are being diagnosed with a variety of conditions Parents might think that daily medications for life are their child’s only choice. It’s our goal to offer you an alternative to more invasive means by using natural chiropractic care.

Dr. Tanner and Dr. Katie are passionate about caring for babies and children of all ages. We welcome them directly after birth as soon as you can make it to the office. Some moms even ask their chiropractors to attend their birth so that their baby can be adjusted in the minutes and hours afterward!

Why You Should Start Care Early

The birthing process puts a tremendous amount of stress on your baby. The majority of births result in a misalignment of the top bone of the spine. Even if you have had a natural and uncomplicated birth, we recommend that you bring your child in to have their nervous system checked.

If you have an older child, it’s never too late to begin chiropractic. Most kids are healthy and resilient; it is our goal to make sure their nervous system is functioning optimally to ensure they can continue adapting to the stresses in their environment. We recommend all kids be evaluated by a pediatric chiropractor to make sure their nervous system is free of interference as they grow and develop.

Our scanning technology can be used on anyone, including newborns. It provides us with a full picture of their nervous system and how well they’re able to adapt to the many stresses in their new environment. With these scans, we can determine any areas of their body that need to be addressed with our gentle touch.

Many of our pediatric practice members have neuro-developmental disorders that can make it difficult for them to sit still or go to the doctor’s office. If you don’t think that your child will be able to attend a consultation, we can do it with you over the phone.

We also welcome you to drop by the office with them to help your child get familiar with our environment before we start to adjust them. Building trust and that rapport is an essential part of their care with us. During their adjustments, they can continue playing with toys or be in Mom or Dad’s arms.

Schedule Your Child’s Consultation Today

Get started with pediatric chiropractic Willmar. Contact our team today to schedule your child’s time with us!

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