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New Practice Members

Compass Chiropractic was designed to feel more like a home than a doctor’s office. When Dr. Katie and Dr. Tanner built it, they kept the comfort of their patients in mind. You’ll find a nursing room for moms, a children’s play area and toys that aren’t overstimulating for your child. Our team has tried to think of everything so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your time with us!

Day One

Our goal on your first visit is to connect with you and your family. We’ll sit down to discuss your health history, goals and how we can guide you on the path to optimal health and wellness. Your appointment includes an examination and neurological scans taken with INSiGHT™ technology that show us how your body is functioning on a deeper level. This visit takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Over the course of about 30 minutes, we’ll discuss our recommendations for your care and the findings from your examination. We’ll make sure that you have the tools to decide how you want to proceed. If you choose to join our practice, you’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment.

Your care plan is created specifically for you based on your examination findings. Every 12 visits, we’ll retake your neurological scans to objectively see the changes we’re making. We know your time is valuable, subsequent visits with us will be approximately 15 minutes.

Your INSiGHT Scans

When you have your examination, we’ll take a set of three safe and noninvasive neurological scans to understand how your body is functioning.

Heart rate variability. You’ll insert three fingers into a hand scanner. From this data, we can determine how well your body is adapting to stress.

Surface electromyography (sEMG). The muscle activity along your spine is measured to determine how efficiently your body is operating.

Thermography. A roller goes gently up your spine to detect changes in temperature that may indicate nerve dysfunction.

Find out more about what we can do for your family. Contact our team today to schedule your first appointment!

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