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Meet Dr. Tanner Swystun

Dr. Tanner Swystun

Experiencing Chiropractic From a Young Age

Growing up, Dr. Tanner was regularly adjusted by his chiropractor uncle. As an active athlete, he noticed that he wasn’t injured as often as his peers. Initially, he thought it was just lucky. It was a dinner at his uncle’s house that showed him the real cause of his good fortune, when he learned about the chiropractic philosophy.

Dr. Tanner attended the University of Saskatchewan. There, he intended on being a pre-med major and entering the health care field. Though he wasn’t sure which direction to take, his uncle helped to guide him. When they had dinner, his uncle explained the foundation of chiropractic. The decision was made then and there, and Dr. Tanner applied to Northwestern Health Sciences University the following week.

Gaining a Doctor of Chiropractic

It was incredible to Dr. Tanner to learn about the innate intelligence of the human body. As a chiropractor, he knew he could help people express that intelligence. He also met Dr. Katie there, who became his study partner and continually challenged him. They graduated as the top two in their class.

With a passion for learning, Dr. Tanner is always attending seminars and reading up on the latest research. He studies different techniques within the tonal methods, which are the primary techniques used at Compass Chiropractic. He’s constantly seeking new ways to best help his patients. These methods made a remarkable difference in Dr. Tanner’s life with his allergies. If they begin acting up, Dr. Katie adjusts him, and within hours, he’s symptom-free!

Dr. Tanner has always enjoyed spending time with children, including his two young cousins. When he completed his clinicals, he was in a practice that emphasized the care of neuro-developmental disorders in children. Seeing how it helped not only the child but their entire family made him decide to focus on caring for kids.

Outside of Chiropractic

When Dr. Tanner isn’t in the office, you’ll find him outside. He loves to hike, mountain bike, boat, fish, waterski and wake surf. Time in nature without any screens around is how he is able to recharge. He also makes the most of our local YMCA, where he plays floor hockey.

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