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Meet Dr. Katie Lippert

It Was Meant to Be

Dr. Katie LippertDr. Katie can pinpoint a specific moment when she knew she was destined to become a chiropractor. As a kid, she couldn’t get enough of a computer game that allowed you to explore the organs, muscles and bones of a skeleton. During a college anatomy course, the students were discussing why they were there. A girl mentioned she intended on becoming a chiropractor. Right then and there, Dr. Katie knew she had to be one, too. She’s never looked back!

Developing a Focus on Families

After completing her undergraduate education at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, Dr. Katie attended Northwestern Health Sciences University. Her background in exercise science set her up to begin her chiropractic education. During chiropractic school, she met Dr. Tanner, who became her best friend and would always challenge her to do her best. As a result of their friendly competition, they graduated as the top two in their class!

At age 15, Dr. Katie started seeing a chiropractor for her sports injuries. She thought she would have a similar focus in her practice. Her path changed, however, when she saw the beauty of caring for families, babies and pregnant women. It’s been her passion ever since.

Learning a Gentle Technique

The technique Dr. Katie uses doesn’t involve the popping or cracking that intimidated her during her first chiropractic experience. Over time, she noticed other incredible improvements from these tonal techniques. Her insomnia went away, panic attacks and anxiety medication became a thing of the past, and her food sensitivities and sensory issues no longer bothered her. “I’ve been so much healthier, happier and more vibrant.”

To continue learning, Dr. Katie attends regular seminars. She was the co-president of the Pediatric Club at Northwestern. She has completed internships at family practices. As a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, she provides care for all ages with a focus on pregnancy and pediatrics.

Getting the Most Out of Life

When Dr. Katie isn’t in the office, there’s a good chance she’s reading a book with a cup of tea beside her. She also loves to hike, camp and be outdoors, where she feels refreshed and grounded. Her two golden retrievers are like her children, and she likes to take them out for walks and adventures. She and Dr. Tanner enjoy experimenting with dairy-free, gluten-free healthy recipes in the kitchen.

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