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About Us

Doctors by rock wallWelcome to Compass Chiropractic! Dr. Katie Lippert and Dr. Tanner Swystun will be opening their practice in October 2019 to serve Dr. Katie’s hometown with their unique form of chiropractic. It’s their goal to create a healthier community in our beautifully diverse area.

“Health is something that brings people together. Everyone wants to be healthy and get more out of their life. With tonal chiropractic, our focus is on neurologically-based care that is gentle and allows your body to relax and heal itself.” – Dr. Katie and Dr. Tanner

What Sets Us Apart

Many people associate chiropractic with pain relief. Though you may experience fewer symptoms while under care, that’s not our primary focus. What we emphasize is improving the connection between your brain and body by addressing your nervous system. This system is responsible for controlling every part of the body. Some examples include your heart beating, the ability to digest food and your 5 senses (hearing, touch, taste, smell and sight). All are thanks to the function of the nervous system.

We’re the only clinic in our area that provides care based on the idea that you can live a more optimal life with abundant health through chiropractic.

Our Mission

We chose our practice name because of our love for the outdoors and adventure. The purpose of a compass is for navigation and directional guidance for where you want to go. Our mission is to guide families on the path to optimal health and wellness and start children’s lives in the right direction.


We Love Helping Moms and Children

dr katie with mom and sonIt would be ideal that every member of your family be under chiropractic care. Our special areas of interest are on pregnancy care and neuro-developmental disorders in children. Dr. Tanner saw a young practice member with autism spectrum disorder, who always insisted on having a phone with him to play games on during his office visits. The young boy would have noise outbursts and even hit his own head (stimming). Though the boy was nervous during his first two visits, the third appointment was completely different. Dr. Tanner located an area of interference in the boy’s neck that needed an adjustment.

After the adjustment was complete the boy went into a state of relaxation and preceded to hand his mom back the phone. He looked up smiling at her, and they left the office feeling calm and relaxed.

Dr. Katie loves to see expecting moms and babies. One of her practice members was a pregnant mom who hadn’t been under chiropractic care during her first two pregnancies. The third time around, under chiropractic care, she didn’t have morning sickness and stayed comfortable through the entire pregnancy. Her labor was smooth, easy and more natural.

She’s also seen many babies who were experiencing reflux and colic. When your baby has troubles, you can’t stand the thought of them being in discomfort. A baby who is in uncomfortable can make it very difficult for the entire family to get rest and sleep. With chiropractic, these discomforts may lessen or even disappear, and you and your loved ones can get the rest you need and deserve.

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